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I racconti dei viaggiatori


It was a privilege to take the "Walking tour" on September 2nd 2019 with out guide Riccardo whose Florentine origin goes back many generations -- in other words, Florence was "in his bones". Riccardo described the background and esthetics of every piece of architecture and sculture that were carefully selected for the tour. The highlight was his narrative description of the scultures in Piazza della Signoria, an illuminatin experience about Florence before and during Renaissance!

Jennifer P.

It was an enlightening experience to take the walking tour on 2nd September 2019 with Riccardo, whose genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgeable descriptions of carefully selected architectures and sculptures during the walk was based on his Florentine ancestry. Most impressive was Riccardo's authoritative account on every sculpture adorning the Piazza della Signoria, which made us familiar with Florence's artists during the time of Renaissance.

Syamal K.

Our guide, Riccardo, was well informed and very entertaining. We found the tour fascinating and could almost picture Florence in ancient times as we learned of the history of architecture and culture.

Jhoanne G.

Riccardo was a fantastic guide with interesting history local facts and tips for eating and visiting beautiful places.

Eric F.

We had a 3 hour tour of the Uffizi Gallery with Riccardo and it was a truly wonderful experience. Riccardo was very knowledgable about the history of Florence and all of the artworks we saw on this tour. Without guidance and context, this museum can be very overwhelming but we were very fortunate to have a guide who gave us insights into every work of art, with a true appreciation ofthe elements of art.

Judy L.

Riccardo nos explico exceptionalmente el Palacio Vecchio. Nos conto anecdotas y fue muy ameno. El un chico encantador y con una exquisita educacion.

Carlos R.

We had a tremendous time with Riccardo Lisi. He captivated our group of mom, dad, and teenager son and daughter. Out walk thorugh Florence included interesting insights customized to out group's interests, descriptions of the time of the Medicis, and an introdution to the statue of David that ven our least art-interested member finding a lot to enjoy. And we learned about what gelato to buy for the rest of out trip! The next day, he led us on a perfectly-timed and very interesting tour of the Uffizi Gallery. If I returned to Florence, Iwould book Riccardo in an instant.

Andrew W.

This was worth every Euro spent, Riccardo was an excellent guide, obviously loves the city he lives and works in, answered all questions respectfully, and truly seemed to care that all customers on the tour were safe, and would enjoy the tour. His English is very good, and his stories were entertaining as well as highly informative. Bravo!

Nelson P.

Fabulous tour! Riccardo is an amazing tour guide - great art history knowledge but without the lecture more like introducing you to an old friend.

Colleen D.

We had a wonderful tour through the Uffizi Museum with our guide Riccardo. He is extremely knowledgeable and full of historical facts relevant to the artists and paintings. He studied in the States for two years and communicates very well in English.

Julliet A.

Riccardo gave us an excellent tour. I had something to compare it with because I had been on a lecture tour of the Uffizi earlier in the week, and booked this for Saturday morning for my husband and I and another couple of friends. The access was immediate and Riccardo pitched it perfectly for us - an intelligent approach with lots of information sprikled with great story telling and a good sense of humor. I researched tours at length and can absolutely recommnd this one for professionalism and an enjoyable introduccion to the treasures and history of the Uffizi.

Nikki C.

Reservamos nuestro tour en la galeria de los Uffizi con Riccardo y fue estupendo. El nos puso en contexto las obras mas importantes de la galeria de una forma muy amena y profesional. Ademas, nos dio respuesta a todas las preguntas y dudas que nos fueron surgiendo, no solo sobre las obras y la galeria, sino tambien de otros temas historicos relacionados con Florencia. Nos quedamos maravillados con el tour, es de los mejores recuerdos que nos llevamos de nuestro viaje.

Eva S.

This was a great and informative tour!
Riccardo, out tour guide, told us a lot of interesting facts in a wat that was easy to follow. His english was very good and he answered all out questions.

Wundel E.

Our walking tour of Florence with Riccardo was awesome. He was great, teaching us about the history of the city. Everything from art to architecture to the people. It was fascinating to see all of this. Riccardo also gave us some great tips on pleaces to eat, which all turned out to be good advice.

Fred F.

Riccardo was very knowledgeable and made the tour fascinating. He gently herded us past lines and crowds and gave us exceptional insights into the architecture, the art and the personalities involved in this world-changing piece of our collective past. Bravo!

Kim H.

Riccardo was very wkowledgeable of the gallery and the pleaces to see the paintings in which we were more interested. His insignts into the uniqueness of each painting, including the differences of the appearance of the picture based uponthe angle of the view, made the tour one of the highlights of out trip. We highly recommend it. Thanks Riccardo!

Ariel W.

We had the pleasure of having Riccardo guiding us through the Uffizi Gallery as well as for the Private Walking tour. Both were entertaining and educational. Riccardo brought history to life for us particulary in the Uffizi Gallery where his knowledge and passion shone through. If your time is short and you want to see the best, Riccardo's tours deliver. Highly recommended!

Gary G.

Ricardo was so fiendly and he certaily knows the topics all too well. He took his time to explain all the history around David and the other  sculptures. I have done a similar tour before last year but this one was much much better..

Neilh V.

Without Riccardo out visit to the Uffizi Gallery would have been hollow and one dimensional. Riccardo was bursting with sophisticated knowledge: History of Florence, History of the artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli to name a few. Most interestingly, he showed us their art work from an early age to how the evolved in their techniques and symbolism, and maturity; things too sublte for us to have perceived on out own, Bravo Riccardo!

Betty E.

This was a fabulous tour! So thorough and informative! Riccardo as incredibly knowledleable, and I know we benefited from his insights. He helped us appreciate the history of the city and the amazing art we saw. Definitely recommended!!!

Mark P.

I have been to Florence three times and this was the most amazing experience I had had there so far. Riccardo was everyhthing a guide should be. He was passionate about his job, which I loved right away. He had tremendous insights to the artists and their intentions regarding the masterpeices, and for me it just completed the experience of seeing these beautiful works of art. I could have spent all day with him!  He also knew how to condense all the information, so we really maximized the time and didn't go over - 3 hours is a long time but we felt completely engaged the entire time. I considered myself fairly knowledgeable befor this tour. but realized I had learned so much afterward. THANK YOU RICCARDO for making Firenze so much more special to me. Plus thanks for the tip on the jeans!

Sarah A.

This was my first time going to the Uffizi Gallery with my friends and I can definitely say Riccardo was an awesome guide! He explained some of the backgrounds of many of the pieces and gave us the time we needed to explore other paintings as well. I might have wandered aroung a bit more looking at other pieces of art, but he definitely highlighted the most important pieces at the Uffizi and was still well versed in what else was located there (other pieces he didn't show us specifically). His delivery was relaxed and well-informed. His easy delivery made it feel like he was  just a friend telling us information. I would definitely recommend this tour and recommend Riccardo! I would definitely concur with other reviews that it was nice to have a guide walk through the gallery with us, otherwise there is just so much more to see and take in.

Sean B.

This was my third time to the Uffizi, and the first I have done a tour. What a difference!
The Uffizi has always been a frustrating place to visit, and I didn't want to go again, but my friend insisted, so I booked this tour.
Riccardo was so wkowledgeable and really brought everything to life! It was so interesting.
He taught us a lot about art and the artists, bringing it all to life... to the point of understanding what they were thinking and why they painted what they painted.
The facts we learned with Riccardo has helped us as we anjoy other sights in Florence because now we have the beckground story. Thank you Riccardo!

Betty R.

We scheduled this tour waiting to see and hear about the incredible art of Florence. We did not expect to get the history lesson provided bt Riccardo. The tour is spread out between the Uffizi and the Accademia. Those two alone are worth the ticket. But, you also get added walking tour between  the two museums which was also very in depth and educational. We have been fortunate with our guides, and Riccardo was no exception. He also gave us a great lesson on artisanal gelato and tips on looking for authentic Florentine products. Highly recommend this tour and this guide.

Jenne J.

Had a wonderful tour with RIccardo. He was incredibly knowledgeable and managed to make many parts of Florentian culture come alive. We did the tour on out last full day in Florence and wish we had done it earlier to provide bettere context to what we saw during our stay.
Make sure to get his opinion on Gelato and where to get it! He pointed us to a shop close to our hotel whose gelato was far superior to what my wife had earlier in our stay, for 1/2 the price. Basically dodging the tourist rip-off.

Marcos P.

We had a fantastic tour of the David with Riccardo. He was filled the time with tremendous info and history that was easy to understand. Not being huge art history buffs, Riccardo did a great job providing context and background to all the details. Riccardo was nice and personable, and incredibly knowledgeable about Michelangelo and Florence's history. I would ask for Riccardo if you can!

Steve H.

Riccardo was hands-down the BEST tour guidewe've ever had! We had full day with him in Florence, and learned so much. He was very well-versed as an art historian, engaging in his manner, and full of stories as we explored the city. It was a non-stop day, and he was willing to do at a good pace to fit a lot in to the limited time we had in Florence, but we still made time for a leisurely lunch break and the best gelato - yum! Book with Riccardo and see Florence like you never immagined! Amazing!

Jhon J.

This tour was a slunge for us, I'm so glad we did it! The first time I visited Florence (thirty years ago), I was in awe of the art and architecture. I came back with my fsamily all these years later and wanted to understand more about what I was seeing. Riccardo provided the most interesting commentary about the history and personalities of the artists and innovators who shaped this amazing city. We learned about Michelangelo's teacher, who the Medici's go to work, and who the arch evolved. He pointed out the wine doors from which residents sold wine in earlier times, and introduced us to the work of modern artists who brightens the streets of Florence today. The tour was a joy! I wish I could have taken a week (or more) of tours like this one. See you next time we are in Firenze! Thank you!!

P.S. I was a little concerned about how my 10 and 13 years old boys would do on a 3 hours tour, but they really enjoyed it as well. They talked about what they learned throughout our travel. And they really appreciated the gelato recommendations!!

Jule F.

During our recent visit to Florence, we took a short walking tour to the Accademia Gallery to see the original statue of Michelangelo's David.
The tour was very interesting and educational. Our tour guide Riccardo was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject metter, and provided perspectives and nuances that you could not get by visiting on your own. He also provided informative commentary on other Michelangelo works in the same wing of the museum. The original statue of David is awe-inspiring. The cophy of this statue at nearby Piazza della Signoria does not do justice to the original - you need to see the original. I can highly recommend this tuor experiences with Riccardo!

Fahize D.

Touring with Riccardo was great! He is very knowledgeavble and passionate and helped take out appreciation to the arts to the next level! I would definitely recommend him! The museum experience wouldn't have been the same without him and all the stories he shared.

Thomas D.

Enjoyable and informative way to see another side of Florence, away from the hoards of tourists. Riccardo was lovely and very knowledgeable. We had and aperitivo at 2 different locations and Riccardo explained things along the way. A great way to spend an evening in Florence.

Ingrid A.

Riccardo was an exceptional guide, keeping us engaged throughout the tour with the right amount of details and interesting facts and anecdotes. We could really engage and learn. I totally recommend this tour when in Florence! Thanks for a great tour. We learned so much and you have definitely sparked further curiosity about Florentine culture. Really good work.

Monica I.

This was a fantastic and highly insightful tour. I learntall sort of detail about historical figures and places I could not have imagined. Riccardo is knowledgeable, insightful and friendly. The tour was early morning which was perfect as the streets were wuiter. I highly recommend this tour!

Emily I.

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